Metal Theft Prevention Service

Over the years we have seen many examples of criminals being able to easily infiltrate locations in plain sight of contractors and other employees and help themselves to large quantities of metal.

This is why at Apollo Securities and Investigations we offer a Metal Theft Prevention Service focused on implementing techniques to avoid this type of crime from occurring in any business or establishment.

As well as responding to Industry after a crime has occurred, Apollo Securities and Investigations can also conduct security reviews on established sites that are required to store and move metal and cable assets.

Metal Theft Prevention

Specialist in Metal Theft Prevention

It is during the night time that theft is prevalent at locations where contractors laying new cable in rail projects and upgrades are vulnerable to repeat thefts.

As part of our Metal Theft Prevention Service we will review both the outside and inside threat to Industry of the theft of cable and other metal assets and will record all findings and recommendations in the form of a report.

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